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How To Reach University of Twente

The University of Twente is located in the east of the Netherlands, between the cities of Enschede and Hengelo

How to get to the University Twente

Four options of arrival by plane and further train connection to Hengelo/Enschede could be recommended depending on personal preferences.

Schiphol Airport

The trains between Schiphol Airport (airport location code AMS) and Hengelo/Enschede depart twice an hour. One is a direct fast (‘intercity’) train to Hengelo/Enschede fifty one minutes past each hour. If you take another train (half an hour later), you will have to change in Amersfoort (forty minutes from Schiphol and an hour and forty minutes from Enschede). The train journey lasts two hours and ten minutes. Once you pass customs at Schiphol, look for the signs “Trains”.

Please, see the link to the travel planner for the further details on trains:

Usually travellers arriving by intercity train disembark at either Hengelo or Enschede (Central) station and take a taxi to the hotel/university. Intercity trains from the west do not stop at Enschede-Drienerlo station (you would have to change trains in Hengelo). Drienerlo station is only a small station and normally there are no taxis.

The taxi will cost approximately 12 Euro. The alternative to the taxi is the bus: Line 1 runs from the Enschede station to the university and costs 1.60 Euro one way.

Münster/Osnabrück International Airport

Münster/Osnabrück International Airport (airport location code: FMO) is quite close to Enschede. It is located between Osnabrück and Münster in Germany and it takes one hour by car to reach it. The train connection between this airport and Enschede is not very convenient. You may want to rent a car at Münster/Osnabrück International Airport or take the bus from the airport to Münster, where you have to change to a direct train to Enschede. The train departs eleven minutes past each hour.

Düsseldorf International Airport

Experiences show that some air fares to Düsseldorf International Airport (airport location code DUS) are sometimes cheaper when compared to those for Schiphol. The train connection to Enschede is convenient. Each hour you have several options to depart from the Düsseldorf Airport train station. The train ride with one change takes nearly three hours and with two changes it takes two hours and thirty five minutes.

Frankfurt Airport

If you have to change at Frankfurt Airport (airport location code FRA), then it could be worth in terms of time to go directly from Frankfurt Airport by train to Enschede. The journey to Enschede last four hours and forty minutes and you will have to change only once.

Please, find detailed train timetables and ticketing information about the connections from Germany at